Aleksandar Petrović

Moja priča “Encounter” u zborniku “Once Upon The Balkans”


They’d agreed to meet at the park entrance. Red jacket would be the sign. He decided to wear a black army one, like a pilot. And kept checking the app they met on for messages.

He created the profile out of curiosity. Beach photo, no face. He was surprised by an avalanche of messages. There was a part of his mind that enjoyed all the attention. He wanted to silence it. That tingling feeling reminded him of Sanja’s caresses on his neck.

What would she say if she saw him here? Or his mates? His parents? The life would turn into a hell far worse than the one he was already in. Bashing didn’t scare him as much as the feeling that preceded it. Such a heavy sensation that makes you want to burst if you don’t get rid of it.

Anyone and anything different from their little group. He knew they’d be merciless if they found out. They’d only get more pissed off because he’d been pretending and made fools of them all.

He looked down the street. A young man in a red jacket was approaching. He walked towards him briskly, clenching his fists inside the pockets.

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